Be my Guest!

I love having fellow writers guest on my blog. You can participate in one of the following categories:

Secondary Mondays/Clothes Make the Character Mondays - Do your secondary characters shine? Do you love them almost as much as you love your main characters? Tell us about them! Or, since Monday was traditionally the day to do the laundry, tell us about your character's clothes in a scene from your book. What do their clothes tell us about them?

Recipe Tuesdays/Character Interview Tuesdays - Do your characters make a certain signature dish in your book? Do you have a favorite recipe? Share it here on Tuesdays. Or interview one or more of your characters here. Let's find out what they're really thinking about!

Amazing Story Wednesdays - Want to tell us about your most embarrassing moment? Or maybe your character has an embarrassing moment you'd be more comfortable talking about. Have you ever had a brush with celebrity? Are you a traveller? Have you ever gone on a trip to research a location for a book? Or maybe you'd like to share a favourite scene and tell us why it's your favourite. How about a first kiss scene? Wednesdays are for amazing stories, so tell us one!

Thursday Spotlight - The spotlight is on your book! Show off your cover art, blurb and excerpt, along with your social media links. Or write a guest post on any subject that interests you.

Interview Fridays - I'd love to learn more about you. You can take your pick of several interview questions. If you're interested, contact me and I'll send you a list of questions.

If these days don't work for you (maybe you'd like to have your interview on a Tuesday instead of Friday) we can switch them up. I'm pretty flexible! Or if you have suggestions for a different subject for a post, I'm always open to new ideas.

Include your cover art, blurb, excerpt, social media links and author photo with your post or interview. (Please send any pictures separately rather than part of a media kit.) Please, no explicit excerpts - let's keep it PG! I reserve the right to edit posts for grammar or length. Contact me at for date availability.

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